The Adventures of Messy Cow is a manga (Asian comic) about Wonn's World of Warcraft character, Messy Cow. Wonn (Weng Chen) has been playing for almost a year, and this is her first MMO. Most of her friends were long time online game players, so she had some help getting started, but she still had her share of funny and interesting experiences, this being her first time.

There's not really a cronological order to things, it's just whatever she decides to write about when she sits down to create a story. Everything is based on real events though, at least in it's basic idea. Messy Cow developed quite a reputation in her guild for her "interesting" experiences, but is now is quite a productive member of the guild. This manga will serve as a record of events along the way...

Messy Cow <Niu Luan Qi Ba Zao> plays on the <Ao Da Man> server in Shanghai, although if you are reading this in English that probably means you will never meet her.

The story is translated by a native English speaker but not someone who plays WoW, so there is a chance of having some of the nuances missed. If we messed something up, please let us know so we can fix it.


Weng Chen (Wonn) has been drawing published manga for over 10 years. Starting when she was just 14, she would regularly have stories in Chinese manga compilations which publish a few pages at a time of different stories over the course of many months. She had complete books published in China in 2003. Her first job in the game industry was working for Ubisoft Shanghai, on Splinter Cell 2 and 4 as well as other unannounced projects. She currently works for Titan Studios and just finished work on Fat Princess. For more see her personal website.