Arena: Epilogue

22. Hey wonn when if you get messycow to american servers go to doomhammer #1 raiding and arena server, its prrty much pwnage

Posted at 30 January 2008, 14:02 by wezlexie(gnome lock on doomhammer)

21. Hey Wonn,
If you do ever get your original main back, Messycow, put her on Nathrezim!! We are into alot of PvP on that server and there are some real dumb players on that server! (yesterday a lvl 2 human somehow got to barrens)

Posted at 29 January 2008, 08:52 by Amber Barnes

20. desided to make a druid on your server might as well never played a pvp server befor ill wave if i see you around

Posted at 29 January 2008, 01:19 by kwah

19. hmm... im almost level 60... anyone got ideas on what class i shoud play while i wait to get Burning Crusades? (No, i don't have it, SHUT UP!) >.<

Posted at 23 January 2008, 20:07 by Grimoire of Moonrunner

18. Her USA main character was Hellbird on Altar of Storms. Not sure why you think she is Inuit, but it was pretty clear she was a female undead warrior. She changed her name though on the new server.

Posted at 23 January 2008, 16:00 by James

17. Well if it isnt inuit zomg we all miss you. hope your doing well on your new server and i see you put asha in your comics but not me lol .

much love anyways
- Outbreakx

Posted at 23 January 2008, 15:56 by Outbreakx

16. Good luck on the new server! And on conquering the Arena. :D

Posted at 23 January 2008, 15:52 by Klube

15. BTW Inuit, I miss you and Nevets sends his love. You two will forever have BRD.


Posted at 23 January 2008, 09:03 by asha

14. My new server is Haomarush. It's a small server, but I found people are seriously into PVP here, also in this whole battle group( stormstrike). It's great if you want to enlarge the population of this place, messycow welcomes you all!:-D

13. I love your comic, and it inspires me to continue my own little comics. I even began 5 sketch pages for my WoW comic, which will be nearly realistic dealing with...war, fights lol. It won't be out on the web anytime soon, but it will be eventually. (Need a scanner T_T)

Thankyou Messycow Sama..haha

Whatever realm you choose next I'll hopefully make a toon/alt there as well just to do it in a form of respect. If other people feel like me, that server will most definatlly be full right after you lol.


Lee aka The Dark One

Posted at 22 January 2008, 23:42 by Lee Fields

12. Hey!!!Wat sever are u goining to?i've "LOVED" your comics for almost a year now!i went to "Altar of Storms" today but i guess u left.:'(.so wat realm did u go to(sory for asking again)

Posted at 22 January 2008, 20:23 by JAGHFFJDS

11. Good luck to you Messycow. Thanks for my 5 minutes of fame. Happy gaming <3

Posted at 22 January 2008, 18:22 by asha

10. lol i guess that i didnt press shift enough the 9 next to my name is meant to be (

Posted at 22 January 2008, 17:35 by same person as post 9

9. Hey what server are you transferring to?

Posted at 22 January 2008, 17:34 by Wezlexie 9 warlock on doomhammer)

8. aww, why you gotta leave AoS? ='(

Posted at 22 January 2008, 15:46 by Glysarc

7. well if your looking for all women guild wile your at it look up "daughters of the Horde" (may have spelled it wrong ) there all female players they might end up havening a branch in what ever server you move too i know a few of my guild mates have alts in there so its got to be lagit

Posted at 22 January 2008, 10:11 by Kwah

6. best of luck! that's really cool, an all girls arena team. i want to join one!!! (i'm the only girl in mine... one out of four)

and ur bf (james?) looks like lucci from one piece... *giggle to myself*

Posted at 22 January 2008, 04:32 by dk

5. Best of luck Messy. Hope you kill many, many people :P

Posted at 22 January 2008, 02:48 by Emohuss

4. hahahahahahaha you're the best! i swear :D

Posted at 22 January 2008, 00:43 by Favor

3. lawl 3 healzfosho used to be my paladin xD

Posted at 22 January 2008, 00:40 by flaye

2. <3 ;)

Posted at 22 January 2008, 00:40 by Mana

1. Luck to you, messycow. Don't forget to cannibalize the losers :) *yum*

Posted at 22 January 2008, 00:33 by James Spencer

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