Auction House - p1

48. ROFL XD i love MessyCows face in the last comic panel :)(when she found out the gun was SO much)

Posted at 20 September 2009, 12:48 by Herky

47. Ah, I remember that quest. I was an engineer undead rogue, and I became an engineer for all the target dummies, exploding sheeps and the myriad of explosives. It so happened that when I was doing this quest, I had a high enough engineering skill (and more bombs than what I can use, and I'm really liberal with bombs) so I just made it.

Back then, there's always that request for the gun. There's alot of lowbies wanting to complete the quest due to the relative newness of the server and there was no character transfer. I always make those guns (I have alot of materials anyway) and I only charge for the cost of the materials I cannot harvest + 5% profit. It was the most profitable period, because despite my rather measly fees, I was able to craft alot of those guns for my clients. I was able to get my mount by level 41 because of that.

Posted at 18 February 2008, 21:44 by Xiphus

46. im kinda a noob and just found this site and i love this manga its really good

Posted at 18 February 2008, 13:41 by superpwner

45. im kinda a noob and just found this site and i love this manga its really good

Posted at 18 February 2008, 13:41 by superpwner

44. when is the next update

Posted at 18 February 2008, 07:38 by Lee

43. AH owns.i go to it all the time to buy netherweave cloth for 2g 50s or less good way to make gold for the stack of heavy netherweave bandage sells for 6g :).a hint for all 375 frist aid.but the allys...hahaha dead

good AH comic


Posted at 16 February 2008, 03:47 by templar

42. I've read your translated cartoon on a hungarian site, then I came here following the link there. I love your works. Thank you very much!

Posted at 13 February 2008, 07:14 by awender

41. Lovley. Nice to read ur work! Even in hungary translate ur manga :) Not too mutch pepole, but who do they love ur stile! Good LUck and dont stop :D

Posted at 13 February 2008, 04:03 by Ministry (

40. I LOVE YOU!!!
Dont you want to have my babies? :D

Posted at 12 February 2008, 15:01 by Khizzy

39. ._- rawr <3

Posted at 12 February 2008, 01:20 by infinitedge

38. keep it uP! XD

Posted at 11 February 2008, 07:21 by oz

37. lol i jest did that quest, got the gun from AH for gest 69s.

Posted at 11 February 2008, 00:49 by kenneth

36. cd

35. Funny. I remember my first AH. I was playing Undead Lock lv 13 at the time and my friend Sopa lv 70 ran me through RFC and let me have most of the loot. After that he told me about AH so i put all of the items on it and i got back about 1 gold and 20 silver. I was rich! for like 3 days then i had to train and buy new armor because i didn't keep some of the loot for myself. I also just did this quest on my Hunter. I never did it on my lock because i didn't know where the rope was and i wasn't too big on reading the quest discription at the time so i just gave up. Can't wait till you do the goblin shredder pages. :D

Posted at 07 February 2008, 02:04 by Phot

34. fistoflight and mark, ur stories are awesome.

zoranax: that's hilarious lol (at least ur reactions to it is). i can't help but picture a funny looking gnome being the culprit.

as for ppl who demand entertainment from entertainers without even donating/paying (even if they do... in cases of buying their products. not about buying for future services) or w/e... the way u treat ur mom for a sandwich isn't acceptable... for ur mom or to strangers. it's a good idea to pick up on this early in life...

in that note, i think it's a good thing there's no financial obligation for creative purposes.

more <3 for wonn from me!

Posted at 06 February 2008, 08:58 by dk

33. A few years back, lending people gold wasn't a problem on my server because everyone paid back and it was all good...but now you get the jerks who run off with it and spend it on stupid stuff instead of mounts or wut they needed

Posted at 06 February 2008, 07:40 by Dalag

32. The day prior I had just listed blade of misfotune on AH. The next day I see 62 warrior asking about it in chat so I log on my main to pull it out of the AH to sell to him and it had sold at some givin point. The guy did not know me from a hole in the ground, sent him 60g so he had enough to buy another one of AH. About a week or so latter got 80g back in the mail.

Posted at 06 February 2008, 00:45 by fistoflight

31. Lending money doesn't always end well though. I lent a lvl 40 80 gold to help pay for his mount. After buying it, he blocked my messages and tried to report me for harassment. He's still somewhere out there, and if I find him, he's dead meat.

Posted at 05 February 2008, 14:32 by Zoranax

30. never good with AH or my gold
but i help people out if i can alsong as it dosent set me to far out of my way or is unreasionable

Posted at 05 February 2008, 11:55 by kwah

29. i remember my first time in AH. i had no clue what to do! then the guy at the local anime/wow shop explained it to me and ive been making tons of gold ever since. sadly i keep spending the money on alts that i later delete :/ anyway, love your manga! keep up the good work!

Posted at 05 February 2008, 10:26 by Kanika- Anub'Arak

28. I remember doing this quest on several characters. Of course, my little brother has an engineering Shaman so he can make the gun for me.

Also, I like to help out low level people that are new to World of Warcraft. Especially the kind that come back to you many months down the road and remind you of something very kind you did for them and non-remembering what they are talking about.

27. One day long ago, before bc was even in beta, I got a mail with 100 gold attached to it.

It was from someone from the top raiding guild on the server, he said that I helped him get his first mount by giveing him 20 gold and that I had changed how he played wow. He went on to say that the 100 gold was for karmas sack.

Your right, even though one may never remember helping in such a small way, it has a far larger effect than you cna possible imagine. You become, for maybe just one person, a hero. Is that not why many of us play wow, to be feel what it is like to be a hero.

26. I just like what you give us, heck, if we weathered that one time you were gone for like a month, I don't think a bit of irregularity would kill us.

Thanks for the 'lulz' ^_^

Posted at 05 February 2008, 00:21 by El_Fajitas

25. Well Wonn is doing a great job with what she gives us here.
I'm each day popping on this site atleast once between raids and Heroics to see if there is something new.
It reminds me of memories, people I met trough the game and gives a smile.
I'm a pretty hardcore World of Warcraft player taking I have 4 lvl 70 Blood Elfs. I can get a character to lvl 70 in 3 weeks if I want to~... Doing so makes everything quite rushed and you sometimes miss the little wonderous moments. This free comic reminds me to those times and I truely think its great, unique in her kind.

Take your time to update us with your favors Wonn. Just keep this unique quality up.

Posted at 04 February 2008, 21:24 by SnoosalotJibril

24. mayhaps we should spank her? (DIBS!)

Posted at 04 February 2008, 19:15 by Grimoire

23. BE MORE RELIABLE WITH YOUR COMICS! I look forward to this every monday and get myself all happy and worked up only to find no new comic? WHY?!?!. Don't we treat you well enough?!?!!?

Posted at 04 February 2008, 10:58 by Rocklobstah

22. agreeable, but do you REALLY think she'll do that? and sides, I'm hella generous (i give runs and i recently donated 100g to my guild vault) and i still dont like to give out money all that much (I'm taking a break from WoW, so the 100g was a going away present)

Posted at 02 February 2008, 16:26 by Grimoire

21. Oh, I don't know. 60s can be very generous... And besides, look at his gear! Hes got to be specced Holy! And as everyone knows... Holys are a godsend.

And very rarely stingey.

Posted at 02 February 2008, 15:34 by S.Ryst

20. ooooh the goblin girl looking sooo cute :3

Posted at 01 February 2008, 18:18 by Fellfetzen

19. BTW, you misspelled "gun" on the first comic (in the third panel)

Posted at 01 February 2008, 18:01 by Grimmy again

18. being a level 60(well, 59) undead myself, i can assume you're not getting squat =)

i still love you though <3 <3 <3

Posted at 01 February 2008, 18:00 by Grimoire of Moonrunner

17. ooh :O can this mysterios undead save the day? we will wait ;3 <3 *hugs messy*

Posted at 01 February 2008, 07:33 by Tinski


I miss your comics so much all the time! Good to see you back!

Posted at 01 February 2008, 04:26 by Lola

15. Keep up the good work :D
1 Auction house back in the days sure brings a lot of memories for me :D
and oh ya kudos on the Arena comic too :D

Posted at 31 January 2008, 18:33 by Roargrimm

14. Begging's for Alliance players anyways. :D

Posted at 31 January 2008, 18:21 by bahmat


Posted at 31 January 2008, 18:04 by bahmat

12. Hehe, I also remember that quest... But I was taught how to farm the AH for some money by my friend, so when I needed that gun, I already had ~40g or so... Pretty nice for a beginner ;), thanks to my friends lesson...
I bought the gun for 2g I think...
Anyways, REALLY good comics, looking forwards to the next one! ;D


Posted at 31 January 2008, 10:39 by Marakh

11. Funny to see that 1 gold is so much for you. This is a common price for this craft, it's a bit annoying to find the comps.
Original funny comics on WoW, without stupid proud attitude, go on :) (a French reader/player)

Posted at 31 January 2008, 09:05 by Hyeud

10. Yeah, that quest can get pretty monotonous. Still though! Decent rewards, for sure!

9. Hahahaha I rember that quest my Troll Hunter is an Engineer boy do I rember all the tells I got.....I have mats make me my gun. I still to this day make that gun for some extra gold if I have the mats

Posted at 30 January 2008, 19:05 by Uryuu

8. NUUUUUUU!!!!! cliffhangers are EEEVVIILLL!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 30 January 2008, 17:13 by Grimoire of Moonrunner

7. Oh snap, your about to ask him for some gold o.O Thats a no no XD.

If I'm in a bad mood I'll use aspect of the cheetah and run away or yell at them. Good mood, I offer them a instance run for free only if there lv 29 below.

Posted at 30 January 2008, 11:01 by Lee

6. hehehe...

I made a few gold crafting items for quests, but I'm proud to say I never overpriced. :)

Posted at 30 January 2008, 06:54 by Jackhammer (Frostwhisper EU)

5. Haha...that quest was the first time I actually had to look for someone to craft something. Yea, some idiots would actually overprice that gun, in hopes to make a decent profit outta it...Luckily that time I had someone in guild to make the gun, provided I gave him copper bars to make the pipes and bolts =)

Can't wait to see the next 2 pages, Wonn. Wonder how that ended up =)

Posted at 30 January 2008, 00:52 by ChibiKeni

4. Oh no! Did you beg him for money? O_O!

Anyway. I love the comic! Keep up the great work! ^^

Posted at 30 January 2008, 00:51 by dm

3. hahaha. i like the ending to the to be continued part.

Posted at 29 January 2008, 21:34 by dk

2. HAHAHA!! I remember that too, but i didn't buy the gun, drop the quest... sucks to be poor in WOW... i still wonder how people get so rich... by the way i'm a lvl60 tauren warrior...
Guess i'm still a noob... :p

Posted at 29 January 2008, 17:15 by kalachakra

1. Oh wow, I remembered that quest.
I was a priest when I did that quest chain. (Being a solo priest and sneaking around satyrs wasn't exactly easy, I tell you that!the time came I needed the gun, I decided to....
Roll a rogue and make him an engineer.
As inefficient as it is, I was not willing to spend too much money a gun from the AH or WTB Deadly Blunderbuss and find money-hungry engineers selling it for at least 5 gold.

I was an idiot.

Looking back at it, I'd rather have spent the money than spend all that time leveling a rogue--solo, and getting him to make some type of cheap gun. Didn't like rogues that much anyway grmbl...

Anyway that's my story /rant

Posted at 29 January 2008, 16:20 by Metacifer

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