/gquit - p2

40. Hello to all :) I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please

39. she forgot us!

Posted at 12 March 2008, 17:56 by Mario Plummer

38. Gah. I know that feeling. i quit several guilds, even my brothers! But i now have an awsome guild, prolly the largest in Nathrezim!! (sever name) 697 and counting! Boondock Saints is the name, PvP is our game!! :D

Posted at 11 March 2008, 18:36 by Amber Barnes

37. AH prices are insane. I've seen noobs sell a 6 slot bag for 1000 gold. Keerist.

Posted at 11 March 2008, 17:55 by Bahmat

36. OMG ... WoW Nerds ....
fight reaching the world roof .. oh yeah ...

gogo arena .. we are leet PVPers ....
gogo let's go raid the leet boxxorz
addiction to this thing suxx deep

anyway funny comic ! ^^

Posted at 11 March 2008, 15:55 by Saber

35. hey, we love the comics but we hate inconsistancy. either post them every monday, or make accurate statements on when the comics will come out. I have been let down every monday for weeks. I know you play wow like a madman, i do too, just be accurate about when new comics are coming out, which is not every monday. I love your work though!

Posted at 11 March 2008, 13:02 by Ghostface

34. update please mc!! ;_;

Posted at 10 March 2008, 19:25 by anon

33. I do that sometimes. Its random, sometimes I'll be so caught up in what I'm doing, or I just logged on to do things by myself and I'll get a whisper or see a g member needs help with somthing (mostly stupid) I won't do anything. Usually if a lv 19 ask for gold or some type of gear I'll say keep lving prick -_- lol, or something along the terms of it. Thus I made my guild lv 50+, that way I made a guild that is determined to get to 70 and do raids lol.
Thats my look on it, sometimes I just feel like doing things alone on some days or not helping, though i will answer them since I'm a guild leader now instead of guild fodder.

Posted at 03 March 2008, 11:00 by Lee

32. Great commic, though it made me waste to much time at work.

As far as guilds go, I gues I'm lucky. I joined my first guild after playing for 3 weeks and I'm still in it.

Posted at 03 March 2008, 07:43 by Elzooi

31. depends what the voices say and if you listen to them

Posted at 02 March 2008, 23:23 by Kwah

30. Seems to be a megaphone. I think of it as like a crystal ball or magic bracelet. Having voices in your head could be....it's voices in your head, that good at any time?

Posted at 01 March 2008, 22:41 by Soulbourne

29. ok, i just have to ask, what is that thing MC is holding? is that REALLY how chat works??? i always pictured it something like a psychic thing =\

Posted at 26 February 2008, 23:49 by Grimoire

28. Nice manga! i'm lucky to have entered the game with a friends guild, we are a latin guild and many of us are friends in real world, so it's very easy to recieve help (or at least a sincere no... :p). Anyway, nice manga keep the good job!

Posted at 26 February 2008, 14:11 by TONY KABUTO

27. Well, been there, done that. Yeah, it is terribly irritating when you ask for help and all you get is silence. At the very least, say something. Maybe a nice 'yes' or 'no', so it will be easier for me to know when to give up and work on drafting in a PUG.

Personally, I am in the opinion that there is no use for a guild unless you want a readily available premade for BGs or you want to raid, because these guys almost never help you in anything. However, if you stay as a guildless wanderer for a few couple of days, you start getting spammed with guild invites each time you go into a city.

Posted at 25 February 2008, 21:08 by Xiphus

26. man i can remember how many guilds i was in, must of been like 20 or more, but i finally settle down with one, and made friends and all that it was awsome, but then it got disbanned for no reason =(

Anyway Love your Manga! and i hope you make more =)

Posted at 25 February 2008, 11:27 by Rosha

25. i love this manga! and as for Josiah, i feel ur pain man.

Posted at 24 February 2008, 22:47 by Avin

24. I hate my guild because we've got about two girls, one's decent, the other just talks about her god damn panties... to which the remaining guildies swoon and become completely useless.

Posted at 22 February 2008, 20:39 by Josiah

23. Your managa never fails to make me smile in the middle of a work day.

Looking forward to reading more!

22. Hehe, when some guild mate asks: "Anyone wanna boost me?" or something along those lines, I always wait for a lil' bit, then say: "And the silence begins..."
But yeah, gotta find a good and decent guild with many friends in, that's a must.
P.S. Love your comics, keep 'em comin'!


Posted at 21 February 2008, 16:25 by Marakh

21. OMG! Thats totaly that what happen to me in my first time^^
I dosen't remember how many times i /gquit some stupid guilds xD

But finaly everone fin a good Guild ;)

Posted at 20 February 2008, 15:58 by Fellfetzen

20. So true. You should always try and guild with your friends. They're more understanding than people you don't know, and they help you if your new to the game.

They also let you take stuff from the bank and not put it back for like, 10 levels.

I love my guild XD.

Posted at 20 February 2008, 12:52 by Samyueru (Yuukise on Ravenholdt)

19. guilds are like shoes, gotta try em all sometimes before you find one that fits. if you still cant find one you like, do it like the pros and make your own :D i found a guild that was awsome until one day i got kicked out for leveling too slow *flashback to previous MC manga...i can so relate* i even made the mistake of joining an all hunters guild. (my advice, never join a class guild) in the end i decided to make my own and have just ppl i actually know who were also tired of crap guilds and bs guild rules. i was even kicked out once for not wanting to wear the guild tabard(i have tabard of flame from wow tcg loot, why would i wear any other?) anywho, great manga! keep up the great work :D

Posted at 20 February 2008, 11:19 by Kanika -Anub' Arak

18. ST does suck i guess =). i've always had trouble getting groups. though i'm always willing to help people in there. my guild never helped me in ST.... or much of ANYTHING. i eventually quit... and rejoined, 'cause my friend wouldn't talk to me otherwise. the quit/join cycle went on for a week till i got tired of my guild being mean to me and cursed them out. anyways~ in my current guild i always help out the noobs. and other random noobs i meet around =)

Posted at 20 February 2008, 02:19 by Grimoire

17. 'ST sucks, nobody will go.' Pretty common when you have who have characters at lv70 and busy with their things, yada yada...but when you have a good group of friends who don't mind helping you in running instances or making stuff, that's the best thing a guildie would offer as a friend =)


Posted at 19 February 2008, 22:47 by Anon

15. I've found that most guilds have a core of about 1 out of every 10 members that actually play with any frequency AND are willing to help each other out. Get in good with those guys and your golden :)

Posted at 19 February 2008, 21:52 by Stingwalker

14. Well, when I first started playing the game, none of my friends plays it so i was a bit of a noob back then, but the first guild I ever joined(now called Legion of the Void) is a really good one, I love to help others, we raid horde on weekends, and we are still trying to get more 70s because im starting to get a little lonely, but i must warn you that you may not get along with some of the guildmates, but you can get along with me :)

P.S. we resently made a horde guild, but you need to join Legion of the Void first.

Posted at 19 February 2008, 15:51 by Callenra<Legion of the Void>

13. I know how it feels in the first guilds i was in
i totally just got ignored and all everybody was just like BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA! all was talking to each other but i jut got ignored .. but now i got a good guild ^^
all my friends are in it and we are raiding , grouping and helping each other :-D

Posted at 19 February 2008, 15:39 by Dreamcather

12. Yep... thats exactly how it was on my first couple early guilds.
A guild with a Real Life Friends is good too though, i meant though 'at least you wont get ignored' part is definitely true hehe ^^;

Posted at 19 February 2008, 14:07 by Roargrimm

11. I've been with my current guild forever and i KNOW they suck. But i've just had these guys around for so long that i can't seem to get rid of them. little less than 2 years. Wish we did ANY endgame stuff though.

Posted at 19 February 2008, 08:23 by Brass

10. This is the very reason I made a guild with my friends. With them, I can be as random and as messed up as I want. It's great.

Posted at 19 February 2008, 07:11 by Metacifer

9. Try finding a guild as a hunter :(

I've been quite lucky in my guild choices. I've managed to mantain a set of online friends from one guild to another, all pretty nice people :)

Posted at 19 February 2008, 04:08 by Jackhammer (EU Frostwhisper)

8. my fist few guilds were no help at all and i must say i didnt like some people in them i finaly settled down with my curent guild about 2and 1/2 years ago i like them and have no planes to ever leave fined some people you get along with and a guild is a great place

Posted at 19 February 2008, 00:37 by kwah

7. Ugh. Been there, done that. Took me forever to find the guild I'm in now, but I love them to death. They're my game family. :)

Posted at 18 February 2008, 21:49 by Kitty-Chan

6. The sad thing is, a whole lot of people can relate to this. -_-

Posted at 18 February 2008, 20:19 by Hawene

5. I see now your art had improved with every page! :D ^ ^ gogo MessyCow!

Posted at 18 February 2008, 19:22 by Shnee of Blackwing Lair

4. This page looks really slick! I'm digging how crisp the outlines look!

3. I know this all too well ;_; You rock!

Posted at 18 February 2008, 18:52 by misterbeefy117

2. soo true... and then of course if you dont respond to anything about raids you get in trouble :-x

Posted at 18 February 2008, 18:08 by jubilee

1. ....Yep. Glad to know it's not just my guild =p

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