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(In case you are wondering, this interview is purely fictional)



I’m from Wuhan, it’s my hometown.

Fortunately, none of my family and friends are sick at this time. They are all staying home and waiting for the epidemic to pass.

The situation among the sick people tho, whether you are infected by the coronavirus or not, is depressing.

The medical supply( protection, testing kits)  is short, the hospitals are overcrowding,  the builders for the new hospitals are overworked, the doctors and nurses are on the edge of exhaustion and breakdown.

Therefore, many people can’t get medical help. They are dying at home, or in the hallway of the hospitals. Because they couldn’t get diagnosed, they were not counted in the numbers.

Don’t trust WHO’s praise towards the “excellent work” done by the Chinese government.  They went to Zhongnanhai ( the white palace in China), not the frontline, they didn’t go near any hospitals in Wuhan.

“Hey, I thought this is a funny comic!”

When I bring some humor into this event, I also want to raise some awareness.

As a comic artist, it’s the least I can do.

Bless Wuhan. Stay healthy, my friends.


  1. Why should we not trust the WHO, they may not have gone to Wuhan but have still declaired the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. What would be the motivation for the WHO to not report the fact? The Chinese goverment have a motive as a totalitarian regime to surpress the reports on the outbreak. “Don’t trust WHO” is a very uninformed and dangerous statement. Look at the Western Ebola outbreak back in 2013-2014. People did not trust WHO and Doctors without borders and broke patients with Ebola out from the hospital where they were being treated, because people outside the hospital tought the doctors were killing the patients. So it is not the damn time to do the usual conspiricy bullshit. You say you care, howabout learing to think for yourself, instead of what the communists are telling you.

    Stop spreding dangerous rumors and idiotic conspiricy theories that will not help.


    1. Maybe I should have explained which part you shouldn’t trust WHO. Even in current situation, they praised the Chinese government for their excellent job to prevent the virus from spreading. They also said they set up a “new standard” in terms of dealing with the outbreak of the virus. And even after they declared PHEIC, they said they don’t recommend travel ban. Although a lot of countries acted immediately after their declaration. If it’s a dangerous virus that transmit fast between people, and they decided it’s serious enough to declare PHEIC, why would they advice against travel ban?
      This is a different case from Ebola, and China is different country. What I meant is don’t trust WHO’s comment on the good job Chinese government did to control the disease, because if you knew what’s going on in Wuhan, they did a terrible job.
      Before you call something conspiracy and bullshit, do your own research. It’s not your fault because all your information is from WHO and your government whose information is from the Chinese government. But as someone with friends fighting and suffering in the hospitals, I believe I’m closer to the truth than you are.

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      1. Regardless of political considrations and points of views, my thoughts are with you and the people of Wuhan and China. I share your concerns and hope that this very contagious disease is contained soon. I have a lot of respect for the work that you do with Messycow and really enjoy your art and sence of humour.


      2. European is a dumb ass who can’t even read. Messycow is telling people not to trust the CCP’s numbers and WHO’s praise of the CCP. Where did he get the conclusion that Messycow is listening to CCP to not trust WHO? It’s literally the opposite. Sigh…


    2. Thank you for responding.
      As i wrote the Chinese goverment, can not be trusted in this and i would never state that it could. I am not claiming to have the truth, that would be absolutly absurd. The information that comes out of China is most definitely not to be trusted at face value and must be verified. I know that China is different from western africa and that any comparasing between them would be hard however the international respons seems somwhat similar.
      I still think the Ebola outbreak can be compared to the Corona outbreak. Diifferent in mortality and transmission. However the WHO did not in recommend travel restrictions back in 2014 agianst Ebola due to fear that would lead to the international medical responds would be hindered.
      So if the WHO did not recommend travel restrictions back when then doing it now would be “nonsensical” or atleast strange when the death rate that is reported is low (2% last i checked) and when transmission seems to be droplet/contact and not airborne.
      Secondly China is the biggest manufactoring of goods for the european and american market, so if the WHO recommended travel restrictions the world trade would grind to a halt. The WHO are certainly influenced by that.
      That is atleast my analysis of the data and information currently availeble to me.
      I still see the WHO and other international organistations to be vital to stop the spread and to develop vaccines against this Coronavirus outbreak.

      The reason i wrote conpiracy, it was me reading somthing different in to your statement: “don’t trust the WHO” to read like “don’t trust science”. I fully understand your reasoning and that is not the same as I thought.
      I apologise for the misunderstanding.

      I do not have family and friends affected and i offer my sincerest sympathy and I hope that this outbreak can be contained and the infected can be treated and make a full recovery.


      1. I should add that my country have issued a caution to travel to the Hubei Region, not a ban. The caution is that any unnecessary travel is advised against and to be cautious and avoid sick people if you are in China. I have not found any govermental travel advice that says alot different from those advices..
        A lot of commercial airlines have cancelled flights but that as far as i know is nothing the goverments have issued.

        World Health Organisation is the UN so they need the corporation of the goverment to gain access to the information. I am not saying that is right just that is the facts.


  2. Thanks for the update (who really trusts government information, lol) and I hope you and your family stay safe and well. I actually broke down and got a flu shot this year after being sick all summer from food poisoning after effects. Not the same thing but I don’t want any more sickness this year!


  3. Thank you MessyCow for providing a humorous but insightful perspective of how you and other Wuhan residents are managing the coronavirus quarantine. I appreciated your very poignant message at the end of the comic, as well as your thoughtful responses, and those of others, in the comments section. I was referred to your site by Zana, a member of PeakProsperity.com, (PP) which is a vibrant on-line worldwide community of individuals concerned about building resilience. Chris Martenson is the founder and has a PhD in toxicology. He’s produced extremely informative, well-researched videos almost daily about the new coronavirus. You can find the videos on the PP website, and on YT here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRgTUN1zz_oeQpnJxpeaEkFimDeepqyWf. I shared your link to your “Quarantine” comic on the PP website. Know that many people worldwide are watching and are very concerned about what’s happening in Wuhan and China overall. Best wishes to you and yours from America. Stay well, alert and safe!


    1. Thank you for the comment! I looked at Chris Martenson’s latest video and it’s pretty close to what I’ve known about the situation. I’m living in Seattle now so I’m safe ( for now), but thanks for the wishes and people in Wuhan do need them.


  4. I am from Wuhan as well. I love your art. It’s funny and lightens our heart. I read all of your posts here, on Imgur and on WeChat. Absolutely love them. Your art is funny, your observations are relatable, and you don’t take yourself too seriously.

    Why would some people just have to start a political argument anytime a Chinese person shows a bit of an opinion or perspective? Why can’t they just politely say “oh I didn’t know that, or I don’t agree with you because….can you explain more…?” Why can’t it just be a calm discussion instead of an argument? We are facing the COVID-19 together, aren’t we? The author doesn’t live in Wuhan anymore, she doesn’t seem to represent or work for Wuhan or CCP government. Can these people tell the difference between the CCP and an ordinary Chinese person?

    As far as I can see, the author actually expressed the same opinion in terms of who to trust with the angry reader European. And European still bashed her for no reason other than that the author is Chinese and from Wuhan.


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