Gamers would understand.:-)


When my child was home, I was the game designer; When she went to school, I was a just a server.

I Bought A Minivan!

Finally! Who cares about the fun when you can have more SPACE and COMFORT?


I’m giving my comics a new look, do you like it?

And, I¬†designed some T-shirts to wear with my new car! You might want to buy one for yourself or give it to a friend who owns a minivan because it’s funny. ūüôā

Here is the one with black text, and here is the white one.


Another design. Here is the black text and here is the white text.








Working On A Little Character Design

Messycow comics was started with an impulse. I didn’t spend any time designing anything, just dove in and started drawing. If you’ve¬†paid attention, from the beginning till now the style has been all over the places.¬†Now I’ve done over 60 strips. it’s time to give it an art direction.

I do this all the time since I’m a game concept artist. The reason why I didn’t do it from the beginning is that when you have ideas that you are passionate about, get on it, start working and making things happen. Too much planning and design could¬†ruin the momentum. Also, you want to make the beginning as simple as possible. Starting a new thing is hard enough, don’t restrain yourself with too much planning, and in this case, designing.

Anyway, I made this character sheet tonight( I know I’m overdue with comics, but I had this strong urge to design at the moment). The Messycow character is the hard one, I wasn’t happy with the one I had before and I’m still experimenting. What do you think? Which one do you like more? Your feedback helps!