1. All comics have their own perspectives, even if some of the ideas are similar. Just goes to show that many people experience similar things. But not many of those youthful artists are a mom and make it seem so relatable! I think that is wonderfully unique.

    Do not focus solely on comparing yourself to others. Look at how far you’ve come! Follow what you love and do it your way.

    I think you could make a comic about anything and i’d still enjoy the art, expressions, mannerisms, etc. Keep it up!

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  2. I agree with the other commenter – yours is one of a small number of comics I’ve bookmarked to check back on regularly. It offers a really unique perspective.

    As a millennial who’s just getting to the age where friends are getting married and (one or two) starting to have kids, your comic is a great bridge – funny, relate-able, but also looking at early parenthood and the set of challenges unique to that (something none of my other favorite comics do). I really enjoy it, and am glad every time I check back. The Chinese American perspective is another that makes your comic interesting to read.

    Agree w/the other commenter that I think you could write comics about anything and they’d be good, but I think you’ve found a way to bring your unique experiences and talents to the world, and I’m personally glad of it. Thanks for making these : )

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  3. Hi there, thank you for your comments. I’m aware of my tendency to go hard on myself, and existential dread grips me maybe once every a few days. Making comics is a way to vent so it’s valuable to me. Thank you for noticing things about people that they ignore themselves. Please keep commenting because this kind of connection is important for me. =)


  4. Your comics are very good, and a regular stop for me. I wanted to bung you some Patreon money, but you seem to be the only artist alive without one!
    Anyway, your work is great and any parent will tell you the same. Hold your head high!

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