1. There’s a typo in the first bubble! “I head you”

    Art is such a tough field. Just about anyone can make art, but making art that has mass, marketable appeal is tough and there’s lots of competition. Historically, being an artist is a gamble with inconsistent and possibly unsustainable income. But art is fun.

    I’ve met people who hate their jobs. But they do those jobs because they make more money so they can have their own place and can afford a catastrophe if it comes their way. I respect hard work and it’s important to have that kind of a saftey net in place! Yet you spend most of your life at work and if you’re unhappy or even miserable… that’s not really living, is it?

    With machines and computers ever simplifying work and reducing the jobs available in modern countries, it doesn’t really make sense that people would have to keep making the choice between doing something they love that doesn’t make much money and doing something they hate so they don’t have to worry if something goes wrong.

    But I guess thats getting into more complex subjects.

    Anyway, I liked your comic!


    1. Thank you! I updated the picture.

      There are other choices other than doing things you love and be poor and doing things you hate and make a living. =) I think being financially successful by doing things you love is a privilege of smart people.


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