Something’s happening on Facebook

I haven’t been updating my Facebook frequently lately. But somehow this comic exploded on it.


I thought it was a cute comic but didn’t expect it to appeal to so many people. I truly hope people don’t treat their second kids as in the comic 😛

To be honest, I almost gave up doing English comics because it’s just too hard for me to write well. I constantly got criticized for my bad spelling and grammar. A the end of last year, I decided to switch my focus on the Chinese audience, creating comics in mainly Chinese. I opened a Wechat account ( the most popular social media platform in China) and have been updating there mostly. It is at ease to write in my mother language, the audiences are a bit different from the English ones, but are mostly warm and familiar. Once a while when I had time, I translated them into English and posted them here and other English social media.

But This got me thinking… Maybe my English isn’t so bad, maybe I do have an audience in the English speaking world. Who knows?

I guess I will keep making comics and translating, keep posting, and see how it goes.







  1. Hey, Wonn, just so you know, people upset about language make a small minority. They’re loud… just need to learn to ignore them. Since there’s little to no censoring on western media, I imagine all widely successful english-speaking webcomic artists need to have thick skin for charlatans like that

    And it’s clear many, many more people love what you write. It looks like that post sent viral on Facebook, which is really cool! Going viral isn’t guarnteed every time of course. But I think your overall quality is very high!

    I found your blog page myself last month. You’ve got a fun and interesting voice in your work and it’s a joy to read. Keep up with it! Especially if you keep updates at a regular pace, I bet you could get a loyal following.


  2. I came across your comics (they were on boredpanda) about a 2nd baby and am pregnant with my second baby and some of these are pretty funny. I am a bit worried that some of these will be true. Fun to see that motherhood worries are similar everywhere. Thank you for posting your comics on Facebook and in English.


  3. I’m a thirtysomething guy with no kids just four nieces and I still found your stuff hilarious. Please keep doing English. Ignore the haters, they’re probably just all third or later kids who’s parents clearly didn’t hug them enough.


  4. Thank you guys for the encouragement! It means a lot to me. I believe people who commented on my English were from good intentions, after all, my English wasn’t excellent. I would see them as a reminder to improve, and not be discouraged. I appreciate you for reading my comics and giving compliments and critics. Much love! (^3^)-☆


  5. Let me know if you’d like me to proofread any of your comics before they come out. I’d be glad to look over them and make suggestions on grammar/vocabulary.
    (I’m about to be a mother of two, so I find your comics very funny! It would be a pleasure to help.)

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  6. Please keep publishing in English, too. I enjoy reading your site. I came upon your website through HuffPost. I have two kids, too and I can relate to your situation. The struggle is real!


  7. Hey, your comics on 1st born and 2nd born are spot on! I have 3 kids 🙂


  8. Your comics are adorable! Please don’t stop translating them into English. Seeing as English isn’t your first language, you’re doing a great job, and whoever is criticizing that, would probably criticize anything else as well.


  9. I’m working my way through your posts while walking my four month old daughter around until she falls asleep. And your English is just fine for me (born and lived my whole life in the UK).


  10. Please keep doing comics! I just found you and stayed up all night reading them! I’ll never understand why so many people who can barely speak the only language they know, feel the need to criticize people (like yourself) who can speak two or more. Don’t worry about the critics. Also, I am a student who is learning Chinese so I would be happy to read your comics in both languages! Some of us are learning Chinese and appreciate your bilingualism!


  11. Hi! I’m not english, I’m french. I think your English is fine😁 and your comics are AWESOOOOME!!! I don’t speak Chinese, so please: keep posting English comics!🙏🙏🙏 a happy New mom of one 😊


  12. Some of us are proof-readers. The good ones of us are polite and private. If someone is being vicious, they are vicious. Trollishness shouldn’t get recognition beyond a kick.


  13. Love your comics!
    I know I’m a year late for this post, but please keep on translating to English.
    Thank you for sharing your funny stories. They very much apply to life in Norway as well.


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