Can I Please Have Some Logic?

Ever since I had children, I decided to be a “gentle” mom.

The books all say, to raise a good kid, don’t yell or spank, don’t force them with your physical power.  Just reason with them, and do it persistently. With time, the seed of “logic” will grow in their little mind, and they will become reasonable, negotiable and understanding human beings.

So I followed.



See? It’s not hard at all!

Kids are smart, if you lay out the reasons well, they know the right thing to do!





Of course, they will challenge you during the sessions.


You have more experience bullshitting than they have pooping their pants, you can handle it like a piece of cake!


Sometimes, it’s Okay to tell a lie for a good cause.




Aha! Trying to sneak up on me?


Sometimes, I feel life is a conspiracy.

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