I just realized that I turned into a version of the vampires


My family recently visited Toronto. Our face melted the moment we stepped outside of the airport.

It was so hot I couldn’t do anything but laying down in an airconditioned room and drink cold lemonade with my body coved by shaved ice. No, I didn’t do that, instead, we went to every hottest tourist spots in Toronto including the zoo, the ZOO! There weren’t even animals! It was foolish, but for a reason that maybe I will tell you later.

After living in the northwest for over ten years, my concept of summer has been twisted. Forgive me the sun god for not respecting you and forgetting about your mighty powers. I will stay in Seattle like a disciplined person with self-knowledge for the rest of the summer.

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  1. Hi 🙂 I just discovered your comics and wanna say you got a new fan. Also, I wanna say if you ever consider visiting Tucson, Arizona, wait til fall or winter. We’re usually over 100 degrees almost everyday in the summer… (ugh)… on the other hand, the Grand Canyon further north is usually in the 80s. Hope the rest of your summer isn’t so miserable heatwise 🙂


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