Don’t buy clothes when you are hungry

If you ever cared about losing weight, you must have heard of this phrase: Don’t go shopping at the supermarket when you are hungry.
But I need to tell you another important thing: Don’t buy clothes when you are hungry.
Because when you are hungry, you might come up an illusion:
I often have this illusion. After having two meals that were 80% full, I felt my belly empty and my legs weak. I associated this feeling with being THIN. Then like a whirlwind, there came the unstoppable urge of shopping for new clothes.
When browsing online, the emptier your stomach was, the more you related to the models— since I was already thin like them, of course, I could wear whatever the heck I wanted.
The problem was that the empty belly you put down your orders with, got full when you received them. Alone with the feeling of satisfaction, also came back your rationality. After I tried on the clothes I bought, I learn a critical lesson: I’m not normal without a full tummy.
Here are some pits I fell into when I was hungry:
So, I learned that I need to have a full belly to be able to face the reality.


  1. Oh this is soooo true. But when I’m really hungry I don’t try the clothes on at the store but take them home and then go looking for food. So I’m fatter when I actually try them on!!! And have to take everything back.


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