How being cheap almost ruined my life

I took my daughter to a park one day when she was 2.

When we were leaving, I had an urge to pee.

If you’ve had small kids, you know how challenging it is to take them away from a playground.

The car was just feet away, the battle was mostly won. I did not want to ruin it and start all over again.

After we got in the car, I received a message:

It’s from the seller of a used bike.

I bought used clothes, toys, supplies… for my kids. I had my eyes on this bike for a while, and the seller finally replied!

After 10 minutes, I arrived at the complex where she lived.


There was nothing but wild forests and empty lawns around, and all the buildings were locked.





I’ve never felt the existence of my urinary system as strong as this moment. It’s under so much pressure like a comic artist overworking for months and at the very edge of a breakdown.

My lower belly was so tight that even the slightest movement could cause an overflow. I couldn’t think about anything else, even the great bargain bicycle. The only thing I could focus on was to find a way to pee, Right, Now.

I squirmed out of my car, holding my tummy, quickly and steadily scanning around the area.


At this point, even if I ran into someone with “psycho” written on their forehead, I would still go to their apartment to use the bathroom

It’s the only way!

I’ve done it before, it’s not that hard!

But after looking around, I hesitated.






How did I forget? I’ve had the very best tool to solve this specific problem all this time!

So I took one diaper, stretched it out and flattened it on my seat.

I mean, I’ve had good food or good sex. But let me tell you, compare to this, they are all overrated.

I scrambled to pick up the dripping diaper and tossed it under the seat, opened the other one with shaking hands and slid it under my butt.

But as you know ( the audience: no we don’t), you can’t hold it back at this point.

In the peaceful serenity, I sat in the little puddle created by the sag of my genuine leather seat, reflected on my life.

And I came to a realization—-

You might think, in my current condition with my wet pants and stinky clothes, going home immediately was the first priority.

Yes, normal people would do that.

But I was not a normal person.

I was a person who’s been through worse, who’s seen and done things. Small obstacles like this would not stop me!

With the urine smell radiating out of me, I smiled, chatted and paid the seller with composure and ease.

Holding my daughter in one hand and the bicycle in the other and walking towards my car, I felt my life was complete.


Oh honey, don’t question your mommy.

I did all this for you, you!




The end


  1. Just wanted you to know I came here from boredpanda.
    I’ve spent an hour exploring your comics. They’re funny, heartwarming and so relatable.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity!

    Liked by 2 people

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