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  1. I have a question about how people treat you in the pandemic: when they see an Asian face how do they react? Ever since the start of the pandemic, many whites have taken an impertinent approach to seeing an Asian, Indian or African face out in the streets (as if there are more cases in Asia, India, Africa than in the US and UK), so I was interested in knowing how it turned out with you, since you are in Washington and all.
    Another comment I have about this, if my dad was to know that you wore a curtain mask instead of the normal medical one he would’ve told you instead to hold your head high and keep wearing a mask. People’s shitty behaviours about masks do not say that masks are bad. As long as you keep hiding your mask, more people who are scared of showing their mask will continue to do so. Hold your head high and wear your mask and more and more people will wear it like you.
    Thank you and good bye!


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