Drawing A Story To My Children

When I was about 2, 3 years old, my mom drew me a little mermaid and told me the story. I was fascinated, it was like magic that the most beautiful picture just came from my mom’s pen. I believe that was when I fell in love with drawing and storytelling.

I want to inspire my children by drawing stories for them. Reading a picture book is one thing, but nothing can compare with seeing the process of an image emerge from nothing, and understanding anyone can do it. I want them to learn that drawing is a powerful tool, we can use it to express feelings and tell stories.

Here is a video I made about me drawing the story ” The Little Match Girl” to my children. It’s in Chinese, so most of you don’t understand, but I just want to encourage you to try this with your kiddos, it’s fun and sweet times.


Which TV Show Character Would You Like To Be?


Watching TV is my guilty pleasure, and these are some of my favorite shows. One of the fun thing about watching TV is that I like to imagine myself as the main character in all these stories. All these shows are pretty stressful but man, those poor people in Game of Thrones.

Bonus panel ( If you could think of any human beings you could be in GOT please let me know):



A Vlog About My Last Saturday

It’s really just a normal day, and I made a video about it. I don’t want to wait for the perfect stories to make videos because if you want to do something, get the material you have and just do it. Plus, making normal things interesting is a skill.

It’s in Chinese!