Ah, Good Old China

I miss writing in my native language. I’ve been translating my comics into Chinese and publishing on a few Chinese websites. And here is the first reaction I got from the largest webcomic site:


“Dear author! Your episode “why I have children” has been taken down due to some censorship problems! Please check if it contains inharmony contents( politics, copyrights, pornography, advertisement, personal attacks, etc.)…”

Ah, it all came back, all the frustration being a creator in China where the government is sensitive to almost anything that matters or doesn’t matter at all. And what is this inharmony comic? It’s this one:


Here is a test of your political sensitivities:What’s politically wrong in this comic?


Farewell, BBC Sherlock

This picture was done back in 2012 when the BBC Sherlock was GOOD.


As a fan of the original Sherlock ( read all the books many times when I was a child), I have no doubt that Sherlock will continue living in new forms of creations, good and strong. =)

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This is pretty much all creators’ life. Make shit–> self-hatred–> keep making shit and hoping in which might come a beautiful flower.shit

To those who are geniuses and just always make awesome stuff, I ignore your existence.