What TIME feels like in the different periods of life


I’m going to take a vacation with my kids next week, it’s gonna be fun. I probably won’t be posting any new comic until I come back.

I’ve been doing this for a while and thinking about how I can make it better. There are tons of webcomics out there and what’s special about Messycow? It started as an impulsive move, I kept with it and wanted to see where it leads me. It’s a journal for myself, but I want to find better ways to communicate and connect with a wider audience.

Please let me know what you enjoy about Messycow, and what more you’d like to see. Any ideas are welcome, please talk to me.


  1. I find your comics deeply relatable and fun. The art style suits them too, all mixes together into a cohesive whole. As to how to get more people to read them- I don’t know! Have already shared with other parent friends. I hope you find a way to keep them going/make them work the way you want to.

    (also this one is super relevant right now, as my wife just realised she is a year older than she thought she was. this caused some soul-searching)


  2. You have excellent sense of humor. You know how to take life a little less serious and how to laugh on your self. Please stay as you are. Im a new parent myself and you make my days brighter. 🙂 (Sorry for terrible english, im from Latvia)


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