I’m Back Home!

I used to LOVE sunny weather, and I expected it to be so fun and happy and alive in CA. But the Northwest weather changes you, or I’m slowly turning into a vampire.



  1. I *thought* you might be in Seattle! (A 405 reference made me think so.) I’m a little north of you in Skagit Valley. Been enjoying your comics since you posted on imgur about Alan Thicke.
    Keep at it!


      1. I rather like it, and am so happy to live here. 🙂
        Thanks for drawing – your page pops up on my most frequented, and for good reason. I’m always excited to see that you’ve done something new. I too have small children, and find most everything you write about them laughably relatable.


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  3. Hahaha! I’m a Singaporean – 365 days of humid hot weather an average of 30°C (86°F) daily. May to Aug are the worst. The coolest months are in Nov/Dec and Jan. Weather is what I dislike most about Singapore. I love rainy days…


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